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Frequently Asked Questions

Our QR signs are designed to withstand any weather conditions as they are crafted using laser etched stainless steel. This combination ensures their durability and weatherproof qualities.

Our QR memorial signs are designed for permanent installation on a variety of flat surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. They are commonly affixed to surfaces such as headstones, mausoleum walls, memorial benches, and trees, which are highly favored options. To ensure their durability and steadfastness, we utilize a remarkable adhesive known as 3M VHB, renowned for its exceptional weatherproof qualities and unrivaled strength in the adhesive market.

The polymer of 3M VHB Tape is composed of carbon-carbon chemical bonds that are highly resistant to energy. Exposure to heat, UV rays or chemicals can cause mechanical properties with less durable foams to break down. With 3M VHB Tape, the materials actually get stronger over time, providing a stronger, long-lasting bond. Through high heat, extreme cold, water, UV rays, and even hurricane wind, 3M VHB Tape can help you hold it together.

The combination of weatherproof properties and unparalleled adhesive strength makes 3M VHB the optimal choice for permanently attaching our QR memorial signs. It ensures that the signs remain securely fastened to various surfaces, withstanding the test of time and enduring the rigors of both indoor and outdoor environments.

Installing your QR sign is a straightforward process. Begin by using the alcohol wipe provided in your package to clean the stone surface thoroughly. Allow the stone to dry completely. Next, carefully remove the backing from the tape, ensuring not to damage the adhesive. Take care to level the sign appropriately and select a discreet location for attachment. Press the sign firmly onto the surface and hold it in place for 60 seconds to ensure a secure bond.

Our memorial creation process ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to navigate with ease. Once you scan your sign for the first time and establish an account with Life's QR, you can log in and enrich the memorial as frequently as you desire throughout the years. The possibilities for personalization are extensive, including unlimited text for a comprehensive life story or biography, the ability to upload up to 200 photos, embed unlimited videos, construct a family tree, and manage a virtual guest book.

Our website has been meticulously designed to be highly intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth memorial creation journey. However, if you encounter any challenges or require assistance, our dedicated customer service team is readily available. Simply reach out to us at 1-888-544-3462, and one of our representatives will promptly return your call to provide guidance throughout the process and help resolve any technical difficulties you may encounter.

We are committed to ensuring that your memorial creation experience is hassle-free and that you have the necessary support to navigate our platform comfortably.

Recognizing that attaching something to a headstone may not be suitable for every family, we have developed an alternative solution in the form of our garden signs. These signs are crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring their resilience and longevity.

Installation of our garden signs is straightforward and hassle-free. Using a rubber hammer or mallet, the sign can be securely placed in the ground within the borders of your memorial garden, positioned beside the headstone. This placement allows for a tasteful and meaningful display that complements the overall memorial setting.

Furthermore, our garden signs are not limited to memorial gardens alone. They can also be proudly showcased in personal gardens, providing a heartfelt remembrance of your beloved family member or friend. Whether placed in a designated memorial garden or a cherished personal space, our garden signs offer a poignant tribute to honor and remember your loved one.

With their sturdy construction and laser etched stainless steel material, our garden signs are designed to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring their durability and resilience in various weather conditions. You can trust that these signs will serve as enduring symbols of remembrance in your chosen setting.

QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that serves as a quick and efficient way to access internet pages. By scanning the QR code using a smartphone or QR code reader, users can effortlessly retrieve the encoded information, be it a website URL, contact details, or other digital content.

As QR codes rely on the internet for content retrieval, their relevance will persist as long as the internet remains an integral part of our daily lives. This dependency makes QR codes an enduring tool, seamlessly connecting the physical world to the vast digital landscape. They act as a bridge, allowing users to easily access web content and information with just a simple scan, making them a practical and efficient solution for various applications.

At Life's QR, our mission goes beyond mere sign sales. We take pride in offering something far more meaningful: customizable memorial websites with ongoing maintenance and indefinite hosting. With a one-time fee, you gain access to a lasting memorial website without ever having to make another payment. Our QR signs provide a convenient gateway to these memorial pages, ideal for those who choose to display them on headstones. At the heart of our service lies the dedication to preserving cherished memories in a unique and enduring way.

At Life's QR, we take great pride in offering a one-time fee structure that ensures you won't be burdened with recurring monthly payments. Rest assured; this is NOT a membership service with ongoing fees. Once you purchase your QR sign and create the memorial, it will be hosted and accessible indefinitely without any additional costs. Our commitment is to provide a seamless and cost-effective solution, allowing you to cherish the memorial without any worries about future financial obligations.

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