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Memorials Made To Be Shared

Every single one of our distinctive QR signs is expertly crafted using premium stainless steel, leading to the creation of contemporary online memorials. With our user-friendly website, building a memorial becomes a seamless and uncomplicated process for you. Our one-time fee ensures that your online memorial will be hosted for generations to come, alleviating any concerns about additional costs.

Creating A Life's QR Memorial

What Makes Our Signs Unique



Our signs are made of high-quality stainless steel, designed to withstand various weather conditions both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, our QR Memorials feature a unique adhesive that ensures a long-lasting hold on any flat surface!



Each sign is laser etched onto stainless steel, enhancing its resistance against wear and tear. The QR Codes are permanently affixed to the steel, ensuring weatherproofing across the entire surface.



Life's QR offers three sign options to cater to your requirements: a garden sign, a large plaque, and a small plaque. These versatile choices can be seamlessly paired with virtually any physical indoor or outdoor memorial, ensuring they meet your specific needs.

How Our Memorial Pages Work

Each of our QR signs is linked to an exclusive memorial page, which can be customized using a secure memorial manager account included with your first sign registration. By creating an account, you gain the ability to edit and update individualized memorial pages, showcasing the life story of your loved one, including a biography, a basic family tree, and more. These memorial pages can be accessed online by anyone who visits and scans the signs associated with the respective page.

What Sign Is Right For You?