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Presley Diane Meeks Photo

Presley Diane Meeks


November 20, 2020


October 26, 2020

Presleys Journey

Presley Meeks was born November 20th of 2020, at Sanford in Bismarck. She went straight to the Nicu after she was born due to complications with breathing. She spent 47 days in the Nicu, including her first thanksgiving,Christmas, and New Years before coming home. While in the Nicu they noticed Presley had low muscle tone. She wasn't able to move like a normal baby did, her cry was very quiet and she also couldn't swallow.We did over 180 genetic tests, but were unable to figure out what she had. Before Presley was sent home, she had a GJ tube placed to help her get the nutrients she needed. A week after her surgery she was sent home with oxygen and a g tube.
With Presleys low muscle tone she got sick quite often. In July she got Rhino virus and it made her very sick. She ended up getting intubated and flown to Fargo. She spent three weeks there and was hospitalized many other times due to her oxygen levels getting really low. In October Presley was acting fatuigue so we brought her into the ER. When we arrived here oxygen levels were at 42% and she tested positive for RSV. They called a code and airlifted her fast to Fargos PICU. She spent 3 days fighting for her life and then on October 26th Presley gained her Angel wings.

If you knew Presley you know how spunky she was. Through all her fighting, she always had a smile on her face. She loved bunnies, loved to giggle and use her pouty lip to get attention. She was the happiest baby, and always knew how to make everyone smile. She really taught everyone to appreciate the small things. We miss our little girl so much. Till we see you again sweet p.