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Spencer Roger Thorsland Photo

Spencer Roger Thorsland


January 3, 2011
Edina, MN


January 8, 2024
Brandon, SD


8070 90th Ave NW, Milan, MN 56262, USA

Spencer Roger Thorsland

Spencer Roger Thorsland was born on January 3, 2011 and was a very spunky kid; even before birth.  He loved to play video games like Fortnite and Roblox and loved to watch The Mandalorian, The Good Doctor, and horror movies.  He even created his own Mandalorian name, Thor Viszla, and was referred to as The Mighty Warrior of Mandalore.  He had the unique opportunity of meeting, and becoming personal friends, withy Emily Swallow (The Armorer) and Ashley Eickstein (the voice of Ahsoka Tano).

 Spencer had a contagious smile, was funny and goofy, was wise beyond his years, yet very emotionally intelligent.  He was a determined young man, often enduring higher levels of discomfort before admitting that he wanted or needed help.  Spencer was very fun to be around - watching movies or just talking about life.  When he was 4 or 5 years old, he said that he was going to be famous.  He has proven you don't need to go to Hollywood to fulfill that dream.  His impact has been felt worldwide.  He was blessed by many new friendships along the way.

Spencer was a great gift giver and thought deeply about others.  He loved going to the lake or the farm, to the cabin in the Black Hills, tubing, driving four wheelers, and just bing outside.  He also loved cats and tried to convince his parents to get a sphynx!

After many months working with the team at Mayo in Rochester, MN, Spencer aspired to be a trauma surgeon or plastic surgeon.  He received his own set of scrubs, a Mayo name badge, and a personalized scrub cap that says "Dr. Spencer Plastic Surgery".  He had such a positive impact, the staff at The Mayo Clinic would stop by to see him before starting their day.  Nurses, doctors, and hospice workers competed to be his care person.  He had so many procedures done while at Mayo, that OR 301 (best OR ever) was disignated as his OR.  His favorite nurse was always by his side, and the team knew to blare Mockingbird by 
Eminem when Spencer was wheeled into the room.  There was always a party waiting for him.

Spencer was really loved by everyone who had the opportunity to meet him, including the children and teachers at school.  He made many friends along his cancer journey.  He was so positive in his thoughts, even through his condition.  He was always happy to see others happy.

"Eventually", Spencer 13, died peacefully, Monday, January 8, 2024 at his home.

Spencer will be deeply missed by his parents, Cory Thorsland, Milan, MN, and Lori (David) Huml, Brandon, SD; five brothers, Carter, Parker, Sawyer, and Ranger Thorsland and Jaiden Huml; grandparents, Roger and Lois Koosmaann, and Mark and Terrri Thorsland; and many aunts, uncles and cusins. 

Spencer was preceded in death by his sister, Megan Ruth Thorsland.