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Anneliese Carrie Porod Photo

Anneliese Carrie Porod


January 25, 1993
South Bend, Indiana


June 8, 2022
Elkhart, Indiana


400 W Michigan St, Rolling Prairie, IN 46371, USA

Our beloved Annie left this world on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. She was just 29 years old. She was born in South Bend, Indiana, on January 25, 1993 to Wolfgang and Jeannine Porod. Annie was a smart, loving person. She was clever and smart as a whip. She excelled at math and science and had been a student at Indiana University - South Bend. She studied Chemistry. Annie graduated Penn High School in 2011, and in her young life traveled extensively. She visited Europe many times. She was a dual citizen of both USA and Austria. Annie leaves behind 3 young children, Heather Tierney, 10; Benjamin Dilley, 5; and Amelia Dilley, 3. Besides her parents, she leaves behind an older brother, Christian (Kelly) Porod, as well as two younger sisters, Stephanie Porod and Heidi (Patrick) Porod-Wagner. She has one niece, Ella Anneliese Porod. Also, she leaves behind her grandparents, Wayne and Jeannette Washluske, aunts Karyn (Art) Schuck, Leslie (Eliazar) Fonseca, and Ursula (Steve) Porod-Zelditch, and Robert (Barbara) Porod. She is currently in heaven with her grandmother, Jeannette, her paternal grandparents, Günther and Inge Porod, as well as her Uncle Robert Porod. Annie also leaves behind countless friends.

Annie's passing has been a tragedy. She died from Fentanyl poisoning. Over 110,000 people die yearly from this drug, mostly affecting young people. Our loss of her beautiful soul is heart-wrenching, but every phone call ended with "I love you." Feel blessed and hug your children just a bit longer. Donations were made to National Institute on Drug Abuse in her name. She also has a picture on the wall at the DEA Building in Washington, DC.

Until we meet again, Annie. We love you!