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Kolby Crum Photo

Kolby Crum


May 17, 2001
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


February 15, 2020
Moore, Oklahoma

From the second Kolby was born he was an absolute delight. The sweetest and kindest person. He always thought of others. As Kolby grew older, he grew a love of running. He joined the cross country and track team in middle school. He became a varsity runner at Moore High School. He ran at every state meet all through high school. He was offered a college scholarship his senior year.

Next to running, Kolby loved anything Star Wars and loved hanging out at the comic book store in Moore. He had many friends who loved him dearly.

Tragedy struck on February 3rd, 2020. Kolby was a senior and 18 years old. Kolby and 12 of his cross country teammates went out on a practice run at Moore High. A driver going 80 MPH hit Kolby and his team. The driver had alcohol and drugs in his system. Many were injured and three died. Kolby passed away 12 days later. Because Kolby was a registered organ donor, we did donate his organs. He saved two lived by being an organ donor.

We miss him everyday and honor him with all we do. He left an amazing legacy and the world has missed out on an amazing son, friend, brother, grandson and teammate.