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Lincoln Lawrence Stahl Photo

Lincoln Lawrence Stahl


December 19, 2001
Watertown, SD


October 6, 2023
Watertown, SD

You are merely out of our physical sight. Being out of our physical vision does not mean that you no longer exist.

Lincoln Lawrence Stahl was born on December 19, 2001 to Chad and Nicole Stahl. He was a 2020 graduate of Watertown High School. After high school he attended one year at USD in Vermillion then decided college was not his cup of tea.

While in Vermillion he worked at the Yankton Menards. He transferred to the Watertown branch when he returned. In 2021, he started working with the Forestry Department for the City of Watertown.

Lincoln walked to the beat of his own drum. If you didn’t like his fashion, it fueled his fire. From his thrift shop fur coat to his trademark pink zebra Crocs, white socks were not allowed. The crazier the socks the better. We could talk for hours about the hairstyles.

He made many friends along the way. He started flag football in 3rd grade, playing through his senior year. He began wrestling in 5th grade. The team was able to finish their senior year of wrestling before schools closed from Covid.

In his junior year of high school, Lincoln began lacrosse. He absolutely loved playing that game. It was disappointing he didn’t get to play his senior year with activities on pause.

He was bright as the sun. One could cozy up to his warmth, yet he wouldn’t be afraid to burn you with a sharp comment.

There was always time for “da boyz”. Playing poker, hanging out in a ridiculously large tent, branding each other, fire pit gatherings, and Nintendo switch battles to name a few. Don’t forget the many trips to B Dubs.

Oh yeah…he had a hairless cat. He enjoyed showing off Xerxes the sphinx cat. “Wanna see my naked cat?”

Lincoln is survived by his dad, Chad Stahl; mom, Nicole Stahl and brother, Dane Stahl, all of Watertown.

He is preceded in death by his grandfather’s, Larry Stahl and Billy Comes.