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David Stanley Drysdale Photo

David Stanley Drysdale


April 24, 1949
Queensferry, Scotland


February 27, 2024
Campbell River, BC

David was the oldest son of Alec and Helen Drysdale.
In his personal life, David lived in Scotland till his late teens then spent a few years living and working in London. Returning to Scotland in his early twenties, he met and married Kay, and they took the brave step emigrating to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Some years later they mutually agreed on a divorce, and many years later David met Karen and after 8 years together they married, but that relationship also ended in divorce.
When David was around the age of 39 he had met Regina Grayson(Mercer) and eventually has his one and only son Calen Drysdale.
David then met Asheya and they had many years together but never married, and went their separate ways through personal choice. Latterly, David met Susan, who was a great support to him, but as Susan lived in Australia their time together was limited. They spoke often online, and David was always in great spirits following their chats, which showed how much she meant to him.
In his business life, David was very entrepreneurial and after working for other people, went out on his own, with great success in various businesses. David always saw opportunities and he was a hard worker, which is a great mix of talents.
It was his health issues that gave David his hardest battle. First he was diagnosed with colon cancer, crohns disease followed that, then bladder cancer was diagnosed and David went through multiple operations and procedures that would have broken many people. However, David was a fighter, and although he was given only 6 months to live ona few occasions, he managed to live on with a very good quality of life for another 8 years, even through contracting cancer of the kidneys and liver. David was truly an outstanding human being, as he always thought of others before himself, even while he suffered severe pain throughout, he coped through his positive thinking. He will be missed by all who knew him, especially his son Calen and his brother Derek, and their families.