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Donna Spivey Photo

Donna Spivey


September 9, 1956
Raleigh NC


April 8, 2022

The Soft Spoken, Speaker

On September 9, 1956 the late Jason and Lennie Rae Leach were blessed with twin girls. One named Iona, and one named Donna Gale.

Donna Gale graduated from garner senior high school in 1974. She later attended Durham Business College and shortly after enlisted in the US Army reserve. In marriage, Donna Gale was blessed with four beautiful children who became the loves of her life.

Donna was a creative and a poet who could write for any occasion. She uses skill to write sweet, lullabies that she sang to her children at bedtime. This would spark a love of music in the four of them. Her children’s harmonious voices and Donnie gills songwriting ability would form the group “All for Jesus” her children will go on to perform on various gospel stages and shows .

Donna Gale Spivey, inspired others with her strength, resilience, poise, wealth of knowledge. Her words written, and spoken leave a footprint that can never be erased.

Donnie, Gail Spivey will truly be missed for death leaves a heartache No one can heal.