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Della May Moodie Photo

Della May Moodie


January 13, 1947


February 10, 2023
Ottawa Ontario

Della May Moodie, our beautiful mommy

Della May Moodie was born a twin to her brother David Moodie and younger sister to Barbara Moodie.her parents were Violet Moodie and Dale Moodie. She grew up in Ottawa. Her father was in the military. She loved to play music on her record player. She worked mostly as a cashier and even home care worker. She had 4 children Donna, Jeffrey, Barry and Jenny. She loved animals. She had many pets throughout her life. My mom was a fair woman. Never gave to one without the other. Would do anything to help her kids out. She had a good heart and was a good person. She didn't have it easy but she never gave up. She went back to school in her 50s and graduated high school on the honor roll. She loved music from the 60s and 70s like the Carpenters and The Everly Brothers. She used to make the best lasagna and home made stew. She had such a funny sense of humor. She enjoyed going shopping and made it a priority to feed the birds outside. She taught me how to love, to care, to give my all, to treat people equal and respectful. To know God, to be a good mom, the only thing she didn't teach me was to live without her. There is so much I can add to this but most people reading this will already know how amazing she was and how lucky we were to have a life with her.